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The Jackson House

     The Jackson House is a Queen Anne style home built in 1900 by Judge James Christopher Kumpe,  who served as the county’s probate judge for 35 years. The home is named after Judge William Rush Jackson, who later owned it.

     The home was also used as a restaurant under the ownership of Clark Weatherwax Jr. when it was located near the Moulton square, until it was sold to South Central Bell telephone company in 1978. The company had plans to sell the house by auction to the highest bidder.

     The home was split in two sections and moved to its present location at Lawrence County High with $40,000 in federal funds. It was refurbished by the City of Moulton, where it was used as a senior center and rented for events until 2007. Since then, the home has been largely unused. 

     In December of 2013, The Jackson House Foundation signed a 99 year lease with the Lawrence County Board of Education.  The Foundation is currently raising funds to slowly restore the home to its former glory. The Jackson House Foundation's goal is to make the home available to rent for community and family events and to serve as a focal point for the arts and culture in Lawrence County, Alabama. 

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